This is our GTBank account details for payment purposes. You can make payments for bulk SMS into the bank account provided below and we accept payment via cash deposit, cheque deposit or any form of transfer.



Users are advised to use NG and USERNAME in making payment, either cash deposit or transfer. For instance, let's assume that your username is HOPE247 and you want to make a cash deposit for bulk SMS. You will simply write NG HOPE247 on the deposit slip as depositor's name.

If you are making a transfer, you will simply type NG HOPE247 in the space for REMARK/NARRATION/PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION/REFERENCE, depending on the bank you are transferring from.


Bulk SMS Nigeria with Over 8 years working experience in bulk SMS service

Bank Name: GTBank


Account Number: 0011422586


We have our table for the price here if you have not seen the table before or if you are interested in verifying our prices that are based on the quantity you are buying.


Bulk SMS Nigeria's DON'TS

1) Do not pay less than N1,850 for bulk SMS. The minimum amount we accept as a payment for bulk SMS is N1,850 for 1,000 SMS.

2) Do not use telephone number or any form of number as a SENDER ID.

3) Do not copy message contents and/or recipients' phone numbers from Microsoft Word or Excel to avoid irregularities in message delivery.

4) No matter what happens, do not refresh COMPOSE SMS page after clicking SEND SMS. If your system shows a blank page or the browser continues rolling after clicking SEND SMS as a result of internet connection problem, close the COMPOSE SMS page/window and open a new window to continue using the platform.

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