In the last ten (10) years, SMS has moved from being just a curiosity in users hands to an extension of the arm, as a communication tool adopted by almost every consumer of all age brackets.


Everything from booking a holiday as well as making a table reservation right through to settling bills and ordering a taxi, all these services are often just a-click-of-a-button away and have contributed to increased demand in expectation and immediacy when we talk of customer service and support.


With estimates that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand leader. It is becoming increasingly more important for brands as well as businesses to adapt to social change and the basic needs of the customer.


The power of text message to send concise, versatile and fast SMS brings great opportunities to communicate and achieve a more personal line of experience with the consumer.


Letters, e-mails and phone calls are all costly in time and money, which can often bring undesired frustrations for the customer as well as the company.


In some cases when there is no excuse for delayed communications or lengthy waiting times with super-charged broadband and same-day delivery, is SMS the answer that customer service has been expecting?


It reveals so for 45% of companies who opted to make use of mobile or web services and saw an increase in traffic and reduced telephone inquiries in 2014.


If you put into consideration that 64% of consumers with smartphones prefer text messaging over voice as a customer service channel and that 77% are more likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers SMS why risk the frustrations?


As mobile phone subscriptions move from strength-to-strength with a landline (CDMA) totals declining, the likelihood that your customer base carries a mobile device with them at all times is high, in fact, 91% of mobile phone subscribers confess that they carry their phone on them 24/7,  so providing customers with a service when and where they want it has never been so convenient.


Instant contact and versatility make bulk SMS the new customer service medium, use it to:

- Check stock availability
- Find a store location
- Offer call back requests
- Schedule or alter appointments
- Reset account details
- Ask a question
- Respond with feedback to a service or product
- Check balances or payment dates
- Make reservations
- Let customers check order status


Majority of people are already frustrated with being tied to a phone or computer waiting for support to transform their experience into a more positive one with bulk SMS, you can easily see the results within just one minute.

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