BulkSMSNigeria introduces mind-blowing bulk SMS pricing in Nigeria

Tips To Get Started With Bulksmsnigeria

Bulk SMS Nigeria offers 24 hours bulk SMS service for 7 days in a week to always fulfill your bulk SMS needs in Nigeria. The cost of our bulk SMS for a number of SMS within 1000 and 9 million units of SMS is N1.95 per unit. You can get between 500 and 999 SMS @ N2.20 per unit and we sell 10 million SMS upward @ N1.85 per unit of SMS. Remember, the higher the quantity, the lower the price.

Our low-cost BulkSMS platform uses 1 unit of SMS to deliver a page of text message to Glo, 9mobile and MTN numbers while it uses 1.23 units of SMS to deliver a page of SMS to Airtel number in Nigeria. We have more than 97270 registered bulk SMS users across Nigeria.

You can send bulk SMS on our user-friendly BulkSMS website by clicking on SEND SMS on the COMPOSE SMS page after login to your Bulksmsnigeria account to use the SMS units that you paid for. If you are a new bulk SMS user, you can send bulk SMS for free by clicking on USE FREE SMS on the COMPOSE SMS page to send text messages to Nigeria GSM subscribers.

BulkSMSNigeria accepts cheque, cash and transfers as payment options which you can use to buy bulk SMS directly from us in Nigeria.

You can get our online cheap bulk SMS service immediately after you sign up with us. Then, login to your Bulk SMS Nigeria account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD to start sending your messages. Our BulkSMS gateway uses less than 3 seconds to deliver messages to the recipients across Nigeria.


Requirement For BulkSMS Delivery To MTN Numbers in Nigeria

You are required to register sender IDs before you can get bulk text messages delivered to MTN customers. All your sender IDs have to be submitted on the SUBMIT SENDER ID page and the process takes between 24 and 72 hours after the submission.
Use one or more of our preregistered sender IDs on the PRSI page to send your online text messages if your own proposed sender ID has not been registered. You can submit sender IDs whenever you want and as many as you want on our SMS website.
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