Bulk SMS Nigeria - We Sell & Send Bulk SMS from 1.85kobo/SMS in Nigeria

We really understand why you are in dire need of our bulk SMS Nigeria 247 platform where we render the best, affordable and reliable online bulk SMS service to Nigerians. This is where most bulk SMS users in Nigeria send bulk SMS to Nigeria's telecoms operators' networks which include MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel.


Bulksmsnigeria247.com enables you to compose and disseminate SMS messages to a large Nigeria GSM subscribers' numbers at once. Our easy-to-use bulk SMS platform uses customized sender ID to deliver text messages to all GSM networks across Nigeria. We use one (1) unit of SMS to deliver a page of text message to Glo, 9mobile and MTN while we use 1.23 units of SMS to deliver a page of SMS to Airtel network in Nigeria. Our company's online SMS messaging platforms are widely used in Nigeria, with over 94,117 registered bulk SMS users.


The Need for Sender ID Registration For SMS Delivery
It is required to register sender IDs before you get messages delivered with customised sender IDs on our SMS site. All the sender IDs to be used have to be registered with our SMS aggregator. Messages will not be delivered if the sender ID has not been registered.
As a new bulk SMS user, to test SMS delivery on our website, you have to use a pre-registered sender ID like REMINDER or click PRSI to choose a pre-registered sender ID to use as the sender ID for the testing message content and send it to one of your GSM numbers. Once the text message is delivered, you can go ahead to submit sender IDs that you want as customized sender IDs to send your messages on our platform.


What You Need To Know About BulkSMSNigeria247

  • Bulk SMS Usage
  • Bulk SMS Operating Information
  • Robust SMS API
  • SMS Gateway Provider
  • Top-level Bulk SMS Customer Support


Bulk SMS Usage
The unparallel bulk text messages service that we offer in Nigeria keeps bringing online bulk SMS users back to our SMS platform to fulfil bulk SMS needs. Our online text messages are used for important purposes which include reminders, mobile marketing, alerts, staff and customers' updates, notifications, etc. Try our SMS messaging platform for free today to enjoy our bulk SMS service.


Bulk SMS Operating information
We use standard and professional software to build Bulksmsnigeria247.com. This software provides you with the chance to send online SMS messages to as many GSM phone numbers as needed. On our SMS platform, these mobile phone numbers are managed from the users' area. Our SMS software application enables you to use Notepad "text file" to upload lists of recipients' phone numbers. We operate a user-friendly bulk text messaging website with a straightforward and simple to use features.


The sophisticated nature of our bulk SMS messaging website makes it possible for it to automatically remove all duplicated recipients' mobile telephone numbers before sending a message to the recipients. With our enhanced SMS software features, you schedule bulk text messages to be sent at predefined times or/and days.

Robust SMS API
We have a robust standard bulk SMS API (Application Programming Interface) which enables you to add SMS functionality to your program or application.

SMS Gateway Provider
Our bulk text messaging gateway is the most reliable and best bulk SMS Nigeria service provider. The main secret behind our success in Nigeria is the excellent SMS messaging gateway that we use to deliver bulk SMS messages at a cheap price. We deliver online SMS text messages in less than two seconds to your prepared list of Nigeria GSM subscribers. Our unbeatable bulk SMS prices start from 1.85kobo per page of SMS. We guarantee instant online text messages delivery to Nigeria telecoms operators' networks.


Top-level Bulk SMS Customer Support

We render a 24/7 customer support service from Monday - Sunday. In addition, we have a team of professional and experienced programmers that works around the clock to ensure that you have a hitch-free experience on our online text messaging platform. There are various ways you can use to contact us if you need our support.


New bulk SMS users automatically receive a free SMS unit after the registration to do a free test. Sign-up free now and log in to your bulk SMS account on our easy-to-understand bulk SMS website to start sending text messages to GSM subscribers in Nigeria.

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